Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama Is That Guy

That guy who was beaten, whipped, spat upon and hung from a now President. And is probably not going to do those things in return. I am deeply moved. Last night I actually got choked up hearing a news agent describing his not-too-distant ancestor who would have been beaten for looking a white man or woman in the eye. And when another old white man with grey hair noted the momenteousness of the occasion, saying that he went to segregated schools as a boy and never imagined this would happen in his lifetime. And also when Obama himself told the story of the 106 yr. old woman who, as a young lady, couldn't vote "for two reasons", because she was a woman, and because she was black. I am wearing red today, because the guy who was beaten, whipped, spat upon and hung from a tree is now President. But what if that guy who was beaten, whipped, spit upon and hung from a shot? Would that be the glory of the Cross? Would it be proof that things really won't change because "change" is just an empty symbolic fallacy? Would it be history's repeating of itself? Would it be a kind of Constantinism turned on its head? Or maybe...would it just be a sad event? Would it have been inevitable? Would we forget about the momenteousness of the occasion for the man who was beaten, spat upon, whipped and hung from a tree becoming President of the United States of America?

Funny you look at it this way...I see Obama as an Anti-Christ, not Christ-like, and yet it seems that you compare him with the rials of Jesus...
Here in lies the problem....Jesus was beaten, spat upon and hung on a tree, because He was Christ, the perfect Messiah, and people did not want to believe that. So, in their anger they crucified him. Obama is hardly perfect, that's a given. But I think it sad if all of you view him as a "messiah of the ages" if you will.
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