Sunday, March 28, 2010

John 15: 13

I heard this story tonight, and had to share:

Two butterflies r close frndz.
One day .........
1st butterfly: Let us play a game.
2nd butterfly: Ok
1st: Tomorrow mrng who sit on dis flower first, dat one has a true frndship.
2nd: Ok
The next day early mrng the 1st butterfly waiting to sit on dat flower .
The flower opened.
2nd butterfly was dead inside dat flower.

It stayed whole nite in d flower to show it's TRUE FRIENDSHIP.....!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Funny Conversation of the Day

Jo: "So were you successful?"
Me: "In what?"
Jo: "In finding it?"
Me: "In finding what?" The meaning of life?"
Jo: "Noooo.....Harpers Road."
Me: "OH. Yes."

Monday, March 22, 2010

To Snip, or Not to Snip?

You saw the title and thought this was about birth control, didn't you :p No. This is a funny story that my friend Tammy told me last night. It was good enough that I wanted to share it with my blogging audience, basically unedited :)


For the last month or so , have been having internet problems...i have cable internet. I have used the same company, modem..etc..years..not a problem. I also use VOIP for my home phone, so no home phone. (i do have a cell as back up though)

So earlier this modem, and internet just started going offline...would do it a few hours, then come back. I called my company, they couldn't see the problem at their end, so they set up a service call with the cable company to come have a look. That was on the 11th.

Btw, i live in an apt building. Early this month, i got new neighbors. Like 3 or 4 guys from Haiti moved in next door. Ok lol so the reason i mention this is, before the cable guy visit on the 11th...guy next door comes over ( at this point, my internet was mostly working but i chose to not cancel the appt ) so he comes to my back door, and introduces himself...asks if he's been loud next door, things like that. Then asks me if my cable is working.

I say yes, its fine...tho i have had internet probs off and on. He says his isn't . I'm like..oh..well call them. Whatever..guy goes home.
I come back in, sit down, about 2 mins internet is down again. Am cursing. lol
Talking to my friend Steph i jokingly say , watch if my new neighbours arent splicing into my cable :O

The 11th comes, cable comes over..cant find a problem..replaces some parts, just in case. Puts a booster on my line cuz apparently i'm getting low (something) and goes.
My internet is good for ...about a week.
Yesterday goes down again....i'm goddammit! Call the Internet company, now they are convinced i need a new modem.

That has to be it. So i take my kids with me, we go downtown..grab that and stay for dinner and a movie. Get back home i set that all up ...stilll no internet.
Internet company is totally confused...they set up another appt with the cable company for this wednesday. (Meanwhile i have no phone, or internet ~ cable is fine tho).

So am on my cell with my friend Steph again, talking about how this makes no sense. Why is my line suddenly not working...just this past month??
Neighbor topic comes up again...i'm like, i'm going to look outside. So its dark..i have my cell with me, go out on my balcony...see where the cable goes into this box, i look over next door. The two boxes are connected sort of. I look closer. There's this black cable coming out of the corner of their back door.

Now i'm all...WTF lol and its going towards the cable place. So Steph says, i'm gonna run over and look too.
So she comes over. Agrees with me..this looks bad. I'm tempted to run over with wire cutters and see if that fixes my problem lmao
Seriously..VERY tempted. We decide we'll go over and ask if their cable is working :P
So she goes...says..excuse me, we're just wondering if your cable is working cuz ours is out. Phone and internet too. He's all . No its fine, we're watching right now...i'll come over and look at it .

Steph is no..thanks , we're calling the company.
She comes back we decide...we're calling the cable company to see if they do have cable lol
The guy there listens to our story...tells us about privacy issues BUT....says ...i can tell you apt 101 (my super) has cable...apt 103 (me) has cable...that's it.
Me: 102( neighbours) ?
Him : apt 101...apt 103...
so were like, ooooh ok.thank you.

Steph has to get home, so she leaves.....i'm here talking to my son, with my back door closed. And we hear the neighbours door open....then the gate to my balcony.
I have my hand on the door knob...waiting for a knock...nothing...nothing..nothing.
I yank open the door and there's my neighbour..half turned to take off.
I'm like..YES?
He's your cable working now?
Me: NO..the company is sending a guy over.
He's all oh , ok...uh bye....
takes off...

I come back in....look at my modem....1, 2, ..3....5 mins....ooooh
wait...whats this??? oh its my internet. I am online , whaddya know :P
So i talked to security put in a complaint, especially for the sneaking around on my balcony...then to the super...and am waiting to hear from the cable guys tomorrow.

Honestly, had they just stolen the damn cable..i dont care lol but my INTERNET?? putting me offline...OH no no!

I was talking to my son about it again tonight, was in the kitchen setting up my coffee for morning..counting scoops...and i said, i still want to sneak over and cut that cable . We were all laughing and he says...Mom...your not batman. You can go around with a cape and wire cutters taking cable justice into your own hands.
LOL i was dying, i was laughimg so hard. Spilled freakin' coffee grinds everywhere. :D

And that is my was just a long day from running to pick up a modem for nothing, spending most of the evening out to coming back to no internet..never ending phone calls between internet\cable\super...spying outside..neighbors on my balcony ..oh and we got a pic of that wire in case it disappears later ; ) lol
Like i said, tiring yesterday...funny today

[the Next Day Update]

You thought I was talking about a pregnancy test, didn't you? No. Lol. This is an update to the story from this evening, thanks to Tammy's lovely self :) Lol. Here we go....

Ok so i got a call today, lady says..its the cable company, we're in the neighborhood and can we come by if this is a good time for you.
Me? hell yes! :P (since i thought i had to wait till wednesday to get someone to come out)
So he shows up, at first i'm getting a bit of 'whats the problem lil' lady attitude because my modem is up and working '

So i brief him on the story..basically what i sent you before lol
Now he's he goes outside, leaves my balcony , goes onto the neighbours and looks around. I hear him laughing. He pulls out his phone and talks to the office..telling them basically what i thought, guy is spliced into my cable with this very apparent cord going under his door into his apt.
They had gotten into the casing , set up a splitter and ran it in.
I have no idea if they are home, but my cable guy is loud lol

nd lets remember, 5 guys next door...Tammy and 2 kids over here.
So i'm listening to him, he's telling him how he found this splicing...came to check a problem at my place, etc....then he sort of slips and i hear, she said they were steal....Me at the door *ahem ahem..clearing throat what i'm mouthing to him...laughing tho. And he continued his story in a much more 'he's totally responsible for finding this whole thing' sort of way. lol
I did turn back to my oldest and say...'cable guy is trying to get us killed :P ' ....Jokingly of course lol we just have that kind of sense of humor in this house

Anyway, he took pictures..will be coming back around to see in a week if they are still tampering with it...and did indeed snip the wire ( i kind of felt i should of got that honor but hard to stay anonymous that way ) lol
He also took the splicer with him and left no doubt the company was here and aware.

So that's my far no visits..nothing. I'm here, so Internet is up...
P.S on the way out , i told cable guy the batman joke , he laughed his ass off :P

Btw, i just realized i went from 3-4 guys next door to 5...i don't know ok? But there's alot ! lol
Its like a fishing story.....'holds hands a few feet apart' it was THIS big....til the next retelling LOL


So yes the wire was "snipped", so to speak. But the woman of the house didn't get to do the honors herself :p Lol.

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