Sunday, October 07, 2007

Broken Heart Publishing

:( We'll miss you.

I am going to miss you man. Please stay in touch and come visit when you can. - Matt

Jason - It's not going to be the same w/o you! I hope those Easterners appreciate what they're getting! :) Kim F.

Bye Jason. I don't want you to go! Celina (10 yrs. old)

Thank you for being by my side when God was showing me who I really am. - Genesis (started and is an executive at one of the largest marketing firms in the world).

We will miss you here. You have been so good to my kids & I will never forget that. Don't forget us and keep in touch. Love, Maria

Jason - I am writing upside down b/c it is symbolic - how you may ask? It is symbolic b/c it is who you are - you go against the grain, you are firm in your convictions that society and culture can be so much more, you are quirky and unique and you march (literally sometime :) to the beat of your own drum when others are mimicking the beat that they hear and think they need to conform. I don't know what I'm saying but I think you can understand despite my befuddled thoughts & words. I will miss you so much - you enrich my life and bring smiles to my soul. Now I will stop b/c others will get mad that I'm taking so much space you will alwasy be a true and close, fun friend & know I'll always support & cheer you on! "heart" Ames (Wu Tang)

What the mess?! It was nice knowing you. I hope you rest in peace - now, you are dead to me! No one leaves the family! Once yor're in the family you're always in the family. The only way out is in a pine box! Concrete-n-shoes in the Chesapeake. Fine! Enough of the hollow thoughts. I will miss you. We had a great run, peace to you brother. Don't forget - we both know a dead man who rose, so do we. - David

Dear Jason, I will miss you because you bring joy & wisdom into my life. I will miss you because you help me feel & think more fully. I will miss you because you are my friend & matter to me. I will miss you. Love, Audrey

Thanks for being so good to my kids. Julio

I'm writing this while still holding on to the hope that you won't actually leave. Like I said before, the only good thing is that we will see you when we go back to VA to see family. Other than that, nothing good can come out of this :) I love you, man!! Remember that you always have a home with the Blumbers if you want to visit (or come back!) Eric

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