Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Recent Amuseents

1 - Inspired by the sale of things like empty Dorito bags and Dr. Pepper cans - for prices like $400 dollars - a young woman in my home town by the name of Kelly Gray sold a bridesmaid spot in her wedding on ebay. When bidding closed the winner was to pay $5,700 dollars. Shop victoriously. Irony of it turns out, the winner was "a representative of Dr. Pepper", and they plan to generate lots of hoopla around the whole thing, providing $10,000 dollars and possibly a celebrity bridesmaid. Can't wait to see what this random crazy hair leads to in 10 years.

2 - There is a science experiment in Switzerland. OK, yeah, so what? Well, the thing is, some scientists are saying that it might cause a black hole that swallows earth. And yes, there is an argument going on in the scientific community as to whether this big huge contraption made by us folks here on earth will cause a black hole that swallows this earth on which we walk.
Memorable quote: "Obviously, the world will not end when the LHC switches on..."

3 - The office where I work is expanding to include what was previously the office next door. There was a representative of "PM Electric" there yesterday morning trying to figure out which breaker box was connected to a particular circuit in question. Soon after his walking over to us and expressing his frustration at having been stumped, we all hear from next door through the newly cut hole in the wall (where the construction is going on) "ELECTRIC MAN! ELECTRIC MAN! ELECTRIC MAN! ELECTRIC MAN! WHERE ARE YOU ELECTRIC MAN! ELECTRIC MAN! ELECTRIC MAN! HEY! HEEEYYY! WE'RE HAVING POWER SURGES OVER HERE!!" Us: "Can I help you?" Him: "ARE YOU THE ELECTRIC MAN!!?? WHERE IS THE ELECTRIC MAN?" Us: "Just calm down, sir." Him: "I'M NOT CALM!" Us, thinking to ourselves: "Yeah, no kidding. And yeah, we can see that you are having 'power surges.'" Him: "WHAT IS THIS!?" Us: "This is our office. *snicker snicker, out loud, I might add*" Him: *Without saying another word, I am now stomping off very briskly and intentionally to go yell and cuss at the owners of the building.* I laughed about that doofus for a good while. I don't know how people like that exist.

hey dude

do you have my spinning brass cross??? My mother has asked about it.

how are you? email me sometime punk.

I had to poke around and look at your blog!
You are great...hilarious. I love how capture the funniest moments of your day.
I lmao while reading the electric man story. I love people like tha goofus. Makes life insterestingly funny!
Amanda Kelley
Thanks amanda for poking around :) hope you like...
PEACE and goofiness!
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