Saturday, November 24, 2007

Deep Thoughts, by Jason Hesiak

If I overpay my credit card company, do they owe me interest?

If I hang one of those colored fabric rug-like toilet covers on my wall, is it still ornament?

What is the average speed of an unladen swallow?

Whose space is myspace? Is it space?

If its possible to drink till she wants me, is it possible that she wants me till she drinks?

And lastly...umm...I forgot...

Wow, a post. You must be feeling more comfortable at work, though this seems to have been written on a Saturday. Have you discovered the answers to any of these questions yet?
Yeah I definitely wrote this over the weekend. Don't do too much blogation during work time.

And yes actually I found all the answeres to these questions...but unfortunately lost them soon thereafter. Have you seen where I left them?
You should add that one to the list: Have you seen where I left the answers to all these questions?

I think your blog is still on California time.
How about another question...

if a swirling brass cross is not hanging on your wall, then where is it?

huh? huh? Better cough up an answer bub!


miss talking to you. Whats happening.
Hey, Jason, well that's too deep a subject, Ha!, How are you bro?
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