Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Moving Experience

Today (Tuesday morning) I came across the following real life story, which I found just had to be shared:


i moved this weekend...IT WAS A CATASTROPHE!!! You will not believe was a disaster it was! Let me just give a sample of just how bad it really was...

Before noon on moving day there was people doing back flips from the second floor to a luv sac on the first floor

4 large pizzas, 24 sierra nevadas and a bottle of crown royal that had be injested

A truck that did a full roll going full speed (hit it's roof and rolled back on the tires)

and someone with a concussion

That was just saturday morning...

Since then I've had cable problems, internet problems, a sprinkler leaking everywhere, I'm missing everything and a ping pong ball burst into flames

there are so many things that went wrong...im officially never moving again!!


I laughed at all of that, my hard ass must admit. But...then my stone heart felt compassion when later in the day I heard an extension of the same story:


This moving thing is the biggest disaster in my LIFE!!!

It actually cost me a new job opportunity!!! WHAT THE HELL??? I just found out today and me moving actually caused me to miss this opportunity!!! What else is gonna go wrong??? I'm scared to do anything...i have to leave right now...am i gonna get in a car accident and die????

So everyone out there...do whatever it is that you do to wish good for someone...praying, voodoo, witchcraft, The Secret, WHATEVER!!! whatever it is that you do send the goodness towards me cos I'm sinking!


Its funny to me how "moving" was the experience that "moved" her to religion. Lol. I don't think that this story requires any commentary. Besides the observation that it makes me, all the more, want to see Balls of Fury when it comes out :)

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