Saturday, July 28, 2007

Diarreah Always Seems To Go On Forever

So this morning I awoke and found on Thomisticguy's blog that, to my delight, a third party who had prevoiusly only listened in on the conversation (discussed at my previous post: "...and now we're stuck in this kind of crap") decided to participate. On the heels of T.G.'s suggesting that I aknowledge that others see things that I do not, I had responded by saying:

"I find it ironic that T.G. - on the heels of my discussing the difference between the hidden meaninig of the figurative/iconic and the obviously "exposed" meaning of the "literal" (like in a photograph, or in Strauss and Howe's theory) - retorted to my comments by asking me to consider the idea that others see things that I do not. Of course they do! I see lots of things things that others don't as well. Lol. "I see dead people," to quote M. Night Shyamalan's "The Sixth Sense" :)

At least that was part of what I said. To see the rest, check out my last post. Anyway, see the following for my morning's delights:


[Gecko says]

Golden (Ass),

You need to get yourself a Ghostwriter.

In your decision to not respond to the fundamental topical questions concerning your real argument and the antiChristian culprits, this brings you parallel to Vick in stating through his attorney,

"Vick pleaded not guilty to charges, but still hasn’t talked about them. His lawyer, Billy Martin, read a statement on his behalf that said:

“I take these charges very seriously and look forward to clearing my good name. I respectfully ask all of you to hold your judgment until all of the facts are shown.”

Which is to say, as soon as I pull together another topic, you'all will forget my attempted manipulation.


[Jason delightfully responds]


I "literally am" a cyber-ghost(writer). That's why none of you can SEE me!

On the "not guilty" plea, I wonder if Vick plans to continue dog fighting in the dark despite being caught "red handed" out in the open :)



So then, if the "diarreah" of this circus we call national politics continues, then I suppose the huge swamp of divine Pooh in which we are mired will only continue to grow. Maybe it will even be "lifted" to a higher level (lol), to reference my previous post again. But would that mean that we are being "edified" or that the swamp is going from our navel to our chest, thus making an "exodus" all the more difficult?

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