Wednesday, September 27, 2006

How Easy Is It To Help In Africa?

Reports from Africa. I don't think most American's realize how far their money can go in helping out the poor Africans, who I just recently visited (see "Solis Foundation" blog, and "Well, Shit, I Suddenly Have Less To Say"). Below is a list of some goods and their cost in Africa in American dollars. Now, I realize that when you give money to a not-for-profit, aren't buying them a pair of slacks, but this is just to give an idea of "How Easy Is It To Help in Africa?".

As you read this list, compare in your mind the cost of these goods in Africa to their cost in America, and how easy it is for us to buy these goods for ourselves here in America. And keep in mind, as you read this list and think of how easy it is for you to obtain these goods, that the African's are so unable to afford these goods that they are litrally starving to death. These prices are based on the prices in a relatively small town called Kakamega; the prices are cheaper in Lodwar (where Solis Foundation plans to start help starting small businesses), as it is far less developed.

H.S. Education - $428.57 (30,000 schillings)
University Education (Private) - $2,857 (200,000 schillings)
University Education (Public) - $2,142 (150,000 schillings)
A bar of soap - $00.74 (52 schillings)
Rice - $2.57 (180 sch.)
Maize (1 meal's worth) - $1.43 (100 sch.)
Shoes (1 pair) - $12.14 (850 sch.)
Socks (1 pair) - $ 1.71 (120 sch.)
Grass thatched mud hut (house for
those stuck in oppressive poverty) - $214.28 (15,000 sch.)
Brick house with corregated metal
roof (one step out of hopeless poverty)- $ 714.29 (50,000 sch.)
T-shirt - $ 4.29 (300 sch)
Collared or polo shirt - $ 7.14 (500 sch.)
A Pair of Slacks - $ 11.42 (800 sch.)
Woman’s dress (Sunday best J) - $7.14 (500 sch.)
Travel Fare: Kakamega – Eldoret - $ 2.86 (200 sch.)
Fare: Kakamega – Nakuru - $ 7.14)(500 sch.)
Fare: Kakamega – Nairobi - $ 11.42 (800 sch.)
Matches - $ 00.28 (20 sch.)
Kerosene (one litre) - $ 00.77 (55 sch.)
Hurricane lamp (uses kerosene) - $ 6.57 (460 sch.)

So there you have it folks. Our rich money goes a long ways for the dying and desparate who have little to no reason for hope.


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