Saturday, May 13, 2006

Newsflash: God Has A Sense of Humor

4 News-Stories in the Bible giving evidence for the title of this blog:

1. Prophet, who disobeyed God (who told prophet not to eat or drink anything while on his trip up North) by eating and drinking at another prophet's house while up North, gets killed by a hungry lion who then eats neither him nor his hapless donkey who stands by to watch the sad entertainment. Prophet who helped the disobedient prophet be disobedient by feeding him then, while walking along the road, comes upon the ferociously-content (but probably hungry) lion who is doing nothing but sitting there making sure no other animals come along to eat the guy who wasn't supposed to eat, the dead, disobedient prophet who wasn't supposed to eat, and the dumbfounded but edgily-wondering about this mean lion but not wanting to leave his master, and has to think to himself, "Hhmm, God must have a sense of humor." The lion then lets the cooking prophet take the disobedient prophet to the disobedient prophet's home down south, and then asks his own family members to bury him with his disobedient friend down south; despite one of the key aspects of the covenant being that, in the end, we are promised to be rejoined with our people.

2. King has kingdom taken from him by prophet for disobeying God. Prophet annoints another guy king. God makes King 1 get moody. Other-guy-King-2 is invited to live in King 1's house, because other-guy is a good musician - to make King 1 feel better, without King 1's knowing that this young musician guy is actually the new king. King 1 immediately takes a liking to Young-Guy-King-2. So not only is the new king living in the tyrant king's house without the tyrant king's knowing it, but the tyrant king likes the new king. King 2 eventually survives King 1's various attempts to kill him, once King 1 finds out who he is, and refuses various opportunities to kill King 1. King 1 eventually dies. King 2 eventually becomes king. God must have a sense of humor.

3. Isreal lives under the oppressive yolk of the Romans. Saducees rejoice, because they get power from the Romans. Parisees say that if we sin less, God will save us from the sinful Romans. Zealots say that if we kill the Romans, there will be no more Romans. Then the God of the Jews comes along, gets killed by the Romans, and tells the Jews they should conquer the Romans oppression by loving them. God's followers eventually go on to love the Romans so much that they become Roman, despite having already gotten killed a bunch of times by a bunch of Romans. One can only conclude that God has a sense of humor.

4. God creates Man, and loves him. Man disobeys God, and doesn't love Him. God takes some stuff away from Man. God sends a Man to tell Man He loves him. Man kills God. So God comes back to life, and goes back up to heaven. God plans to come back to earth and give back to Man more than everything He ever took away. Conclusion: God loves Man (and in perspective, it's kind of humorous how He goes about it).

BEFORE God plans to come back to earth and give back to Man more than everything He ever took away..he asks a clown to act as a king, that he may prepare the world for His return. Everything is within him to show. Before he was born God made mention of him, that he may tie up prophecy and fulfill God's purpose.
He is the LEAST, annointed to act as the MOST, that he may be recognized and glorify God. That the people learn to live as God intended in BALANCE.
And he reached outside of the 'church of man' to make a 'man of god'. He sent a fool who'd written down the words of the wise man to see if people would still LISTEN...cause GOD has a sense of humour.
Ancient Clown/Treeman,

I'm not sure what you mean by, "And he reached outside the 'church of man' to make a 'man of God'. There was then no such thing as a church as we know it today. But Jesus was very much a part of his Jewish community. He didn't really just agree with the various opinions around him, but he was part of the community nonetheless. Participated in their rituals and festivals and what not. So, I'm not sure what you mean...?

Don't get the wrong idea. I'm not saying God isn't present outside the church, or that He doesn't work outside the church. Bono (who "can't stand to be around religious people, I start to twitch") is a perfect example. Anyway...

And who is the fool? Is that you? I mean, if it is you - here's the reason I put that comment on your blog (I'm glad you're not offended). "Why worry about the speck of sawdust in your neighbor's eye when you have a giant log in your own." I'm not naming any specifics, cause I don't know you (and cause that would be ironically rediculous). But that's a verse that's helped give ME lots of perspective on occasion. Cause I have a tendency to worry about the other specks of sawdust while blindly forgetting about my logS.

But that's not actually the PRIMARY reason, or idea behind why I left that comment. If the fool is sent to write down the words of the wise men (which have already been written down LOTS of times, especially since the printing press long ago), then what is the "word" that is shaping and forming the actions and words of the fool himself? What is being spoken THROUGH the fool BY the Holy Spirit?

I also have that tendency to want to tell people something I think they are doing wrong or that I think is wrong with the world (like I said, I have a tendency to try to make people live in the world I WANT them to live in), when the POWER of the Holy Spirit is most evident in the FORMATION (like a deeply rooted TREE) of MY character. "The fruits of the Spirit are..."

I mean, I've seen your comments and posts before, and wondered these things. Then I saw your mythic post about "Ancient Beginnings", which tells a story I've heard before (and used to be greatly attracted to). FOR ME, it seemed to confirm my suspicions. At some key point in my life, I realized (through the workings of the Holy Spirit), that I can't tailor my life, my message and my beliefs to EVERYONE. I am a human (I am not God - although yes I "have the kingdom of God in me"); the burden is not necessary. God can give what He wants to give to whom He wants to give it. Take that, of course, how you want (by that I mean you can, obviously, accept it or dismiss it - your choice).

Also, for clarity. I'm not saying that I see in you the opposite of the fruits of the Spirit. I'm saying that what it seems TO ME you are doing with the comments I've seen you leave is to try to impart the secret message that you have to give to those who are willing to dive in and try to figure out what exactly IS the secret. But the underlying assumption is that it is YOUR secret. The most essential aspect of your "Ancient Beginnings" story seems to be the Gnostic thread. That it is YOUR secret is the basic idea of "their" story. Ironically, what I've generally seen from the Gnostics is a hope that everyone else will join them in their secret world, cause their secret world is better than every one else's regular, plain old simple boring world where the plain truth can be spoken aloud.

So, as I said, I don't see in you the opposite of the fruits of the spirit. What I SEE in you (take it for what it's worth) is your generally and basically being moved by YOU, rather than the Holy Spirit. So, in you I see the basic essential idea of what it means to "live our own way" (The Message translation), or to live by our own will-force (the NLT says "to live by our own sinful nature"), while still however actually displaying some and/or many of what are the "fruits of the spirit". By that I mean that, if I were to meet you, I would probably think you were a really cool guy - humble, down to earth, honest, joyful, ect.

That may sound funny and ironic that I'm saying that to you, considering the sawdust/log thing. But the reason I bring it up is because you don't seem willing to accept the PARTICULAR story that involves going from the world of self-will to the world of God's-will. You are SAYING the opposite, that you are a messenger of God, but you seem intent on trying to bring ME into YOUR world, while being unwilling to really enter the world of CHRISTOS Jesus. Seems to me you have the prophetic gift, but that your prophecies are easy, because they are whatever is in your head. "Never trust in what is easy...only trust in that which is difficult." - Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet.
Hey Ancient Clown,

I forgot to mention something, like the basic point. With the above in mind - its in that space of our "living our own way", our screw-ups, that the love of God becomes the most real, the most intimate, and the most powerful. I also wanted to apologize. I feel that the REASON I forgot that is because I have a superiority complex. I'm sorry. Please take that not as an attack, but as my issue.

I just got back from a weekly session of our leadership training. It's a very tight community. One of our members has been gone for two months because her Mom died and her Dad one week later had quadruple bi-pass surgery. She got only like two phone calls, one email, and one card, among our community of 15. She was very hurt and angry. I felt very bad, because I was among the self-absorbed who didn't call or email (even though I thought about her). It was in this environment that I was convicted to write this follow up comment. Sorry if I have come across high and mighty. Yes, it's true. I'm not (despite my desires otherwise). What I see in you (what I percieve to see) I recognize as something I've experienced in myself.

Dude...I mean 'Jason Dude', I so love the way you 'communicate' with me...(seriousness from the clown for a moment). Most people don't bother to take the time to understand, nor ask, what it means when I say; "I'm not here to be argued with, but to be listened to."
They figure I'm being arrogent but don't realize it's their own arrogence to 'think' so.(Matthew quote here)...Did not Jesus also say that he who lives by even only one of the commandments shall be considered least in my kingdom.
Though I have written and created this blog, I was created by and written my experiences of GOD, so the glory goes there.
It would be unwise to say I reach beyond my grasp with the 'things I claim' of myself, as these things and more, are 'within me'.
In the beautitudes it also says that the one of a pure heart shall see GOD and unless you are trying to say(which I do not think you are, just 'saying if' is all)you are a better judge of my heart than GOD to choose me to reveal Her-self to someone like me.

(but outta time right now...try again later when I can)
I know how much I've written but I don't know how much you've read.(my blog).
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown
I'm back...(LOL)
John 3:16, probably the most famous and moving quote in the BIBLE...and yet it has been changed...changed without understanding what it means, as evidenced by HOW it's been changed.

(I'm borrowing YOUR words for a sec...)
Seems to me you have the prophetic gift, but that your prophecies are easy, because they are whatever is in your head. "Never trust in what is easy...only trust in that which is difficult." - Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet.

My prophecies have NOT been easy. When I said the "Face of the World would be changed FOREVER" witnessed BEFOREHAND and then it changed...I was VERY 'AWARE' of the loss of life that would come with it because people wouldn't LISTEN...and the corrupt wouldn't TELL...(I wanted you to understand this).

but that was the lesson to be learned...was it those that lived (a=b) or (a+c=d) that were taken that day? Was it the large animals or the large greed that got carried out to see. YOU now have a formula to follow and not become EXTINCT!!!

The WORD is 'hidden' from only those who do not seek it as a teaching of that very thing.

I recognize that a great number of people may have a problem with GOD choosing me to do anything, but the lineup for THAT starts behind ME...let's just say that acceptance was NOT really that easy for me, though it may have the appearance of that to you.

I'm getting kicked off again, but I'll be back. Unless that's cool...and I've managed to answer your thoughts.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown
Quick note about the reference I make to fruits, and how it relates to wire-trees. I teach a child how to make a i giving him a fish or teaching him to fish...but he's not fishing and the tree will not feed him, unless he trades it for food and then it will.
By teaching a child how to make a tree and having the instructions kept simple enough to also teach it to others, am I creating students or teachers? Which would explain what is meant when said; "I AM, not here to teach students, but to study teachers."
By including the philosophy and providing strong roots (7 notes, 7colors, 7 senses), am I not also acting as the pebble that hits the pond sending out the ripples to even the farthest shore? For GOD's glory, not mine own.

Quick exercise in perspective I use when discussing GOD (trying to get this on video).
1. I take a coffe cup and turn the handle AWAY from you so you are unable to see it.
2. I tell you that for the purpose of this exercise I shall make the cup GOD or LOVE, and to better understand I will ask you to describe GOD to me.
However, I will first warn you that if you do no change your perspective at all from where you are sitting, at the end of your description, I'll simply turn the cup to the side and ask;
"Don't you have a handle on GOD?"
(LOL-double entendrees make me laugh).
Best way to test anything is with 'EMPATHY' and then you will know my hearty as GOD does.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown
(sounds like 'Uncle' from Jackie Chan cartoon)
One More thing: Jesus said whenever two or more are gathered in my name there is the church.

One more thing: the word the fool wrote down as told to him by the Holy Spirit is "LOVE".
Simply "LOVE".

Wisdom is not the ACCUMULATION of knowledge but the proper APPLICATION of that knowledge.

Hearing is not the same as listening...listening implies action.

Original SIN="NOT Listening"

Please remember, I don't think I know, I just know I'm thinking. Listen to GOD.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown
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