Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Hard-Ass

The reader may recognize the title of my blog to be a slang phrase often used for the purpose of making reference to people sometimes otherwise referred to as simply "mean". See:

My second grade English teacher was a so-called "hard-ass". I didn't like her very much. The Bible, I think of Ephesians in particular, seems to indicate that Christ and his body are (or should be) something other than a bunch of "hard-asses". Should be a people governed primarily by the freedom of Grace rather than the chains of law. But how often in the church do you hear about "leagalism"? How many "hard-asses" do you do you know from church? 'Tis a mystery. Aaahhh. Well. Again, the theme of the mule is appropriate...

From another web site inquiring into the nature and origin of the grand profundity of the phrase "hard-ass", "I am not sure how this all connects but there's another meaning of 'hard tail': 'Mules were called 'hard tails' or 'knob heads,'.' 'Cowboy Lingo: A Dictionary of the Slack-Jaw Words and Whangdoodle Ways of the American West' by Ramon F. Adams (Houghton Mifflin, New York, 2000. Copyright 1936). " From:

Blessings to you all in finding your golden treasure of Grace hidden in the fields of the world! Hopefully mules have some strange sort of nostril-contraption that can smell gold under the earth!! Maybe - alas - they do - for we all carry in our souls memory of our "good" creation; or so says Eugene Peterson in Answering God. I believe him.

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