Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Christmas Time and the Spreading (Even-ing) of the Angels

This was a recent email to my Mum...The referenced "ongoing conversations" are primarily my complaining about America's oppression and dumbness of the current War...

quote from U2's Bono:

"I think the time that I knew that I was capable of all the things that I disliked the most in other people was, oddly enough, one of the most joyful moments: when our first child was born. And I just felt this love for this beautiful little girl who was so fragile and so vulnerable. Some point around that week, I started to undertand why wars were fought. I started to understand why people were capable of cruelty in order to protect themselves and their own. And I was very humbled to realize that."

What moved me to write this to you is that I'm having this ongoing conversation with you and others who HAVE kids (I'm one of them), and I don't (have kids). Also the simple fact that I identify with this quote, outside of the fact of having kids; it's something that's been on my mind lately, partially as a result of my ongoing conversation with you and others. I've been thinking lately about Christ and the Christmas story and meditating on the image of God as taken form in the vulnerability of a baby - or should I say as taken form in His humility on the cross and in His grace upon us and myself. My "heart of stone turned to a heart of flesh". A couple in our church has a newborn, as of like a month ago. I've never had quite this perspective while gazing upon a baby before...


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